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"Thank you so very much for participating in ACE: Achieve a College Education on Friday. Your presentation was a huge hit and I would love to add another one or two sessions next year. The comments regarding your group's presentations from the schools and the ACE UCF volunteers were absolutely outstanding.  All involved really enjoyed the interactivity of your session and were so impressed by experiments you did.  We even heard them talking about your session later in the day."


- Kelly Astro 

(Director of Research & Civic Engagement, Burnett Honors College, UCF)  


Letter from a High School participant from a devising workshop


Card from a participant in a Theatre for Social Change residency.


Card from a teacher


Note from a teacher after a Theatre for Social Change residency


Letter from a student after a devising residency.


Card from an elementary class following a residency.

"Before Miss Courtney came I was a shy child, I did have somewhat low self-esteem, and my character wasn't really the best it could have been. After my great experience with Miss Courtney, my self-esteem basically shot through the roof!"


-Evans High School Student

"You are such a beautiful and caring artist! It was like magic working with you!"


-Krista Amico (Director of The Other F Word)

"She is an incredible professor. Class is tons of fun--we play games!--but we learn a lot about acting, too. She is always willing to help and is the sweetest, bubbliest, most energetic professor I have ever had. Take her class if you have the opportunity; you won't regret it."


- Student in the Spring 2013 Acting for Non-Majors class at UCF

"Professor Grile is super sweet, fun, and enthusiastic. Her class is definitely not easy, but if you put the time and effort into it, definitely worth it. The readings are mandatory. She will help you and wants to see everyone succeed. I definitely recommend this professor!!!"


- Student in Spring 2013 Script Analysis class at UCF

"Thank you for such detailed feedback. I very much appreciate your kindness and passion as a lovely teacher to help us grow!"


-Student in the 2021 Applied Drama module at Trinity College Dublin

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