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Refereed Publications


August 2021. Building Democracy Through Theatre Anthology, "Drama/Theatre and Democratisation: What Two Revolutions Reveal", Book editors: Bjørn Rasmussen, Petro Janse Van Vuuren, and Ayanda Khala-Phiri. noasp.135.ch02.

June 2022. Journal Article. with Jennifer Edmond, Michelle Doran, Vicky Garnett, Eliza Papaki, & Erzsébet Toth-Czifra. “Scholarly Primitives of Scholarly Meetings: A DH-Inspired Exploration of the Virtual Incunabular in the Time of COVID 19” Digital Humanities Quarterly. Vol. 16, No. 2.

May 2023. Journal Article. “Cessair: a work of feminist performance ethnography by the SoloSIRENs Collective” New Theatre Quarterly. Vol. 39, Issue 2, pp. 145-158.

July 2023. Journal Article. "Attempting to pin down jelly: an offer of six guiding principles for applied drama." NJ: Drama Australia JournalVol. 46, No. 1.

2024. (Accepted) Book Chapter. With Amanda Hill. “Devising Democracy: Inclusive Rhetoric and Communication through Devised Theatre Processes.” Casting the Art of Rhetoric With

Theatre and Drama: Taking Center Stage, edited by Adrienne Hacker Daniels.

Review Essays and Other Publications


December 2021. Essay. “Seeking Connection.” What the Pandemic Means: Perspectives from the Trinity Long Room Hub Covid-19 Blog Collection, Edited by Aoife King, 10.25546/97702.

November 2021. Book Review.“The Applied Theatre Artist: Responsivity and Expertise in Practice, by Kay Hepplewhite” Research in Drama Education: The Journal of Applied Theatre & Performance,

November 2020. Online Blog. "The Body and the Pandemic: Seeking Connection", Trinity Long Room Hub COVID-19 Blog

December 2015. Online Blog. "Recognizing and Embracing the Other", TYA/USA Blog

June 2015. Online Blog. "The Process AS Product", TYA/USA Blog

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