DARIAH-EU Virtual Exchange Session: The Scholarly Primitives of Scholarly Meetings

May 2020

Invited Talk:

Investigating Liveness: A Creative Arts Perspective (through the lens of Applied Drama)


New Perspectives Postgraduate Symposium

Maynooth, Ireland

Autumn 2019
Paper Presentation:

Re-establishing Dialogue: How applied drama

can be used to support democratic practice

Association for Theatre in Higher Education Conference

Orlando, Florida, USA

Summer 2019

Paper Presentation:

The Political Stage: How drama/theatre has and

can shape social and political transitions

Irish Association of American Studies Postgraduate Symposium

Dublin, Ireland

Autumn 2018

Paper Presentation:

Diversity & Inclusion on the American Stage

Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Region VII

Denver, CO

Spring 2016

Workshop Topic:

Theatre & Social Justice


Florida Theatre Conference

Gainesville, Florida

Autumn 2014

Workshop Topic:

Creating Theatre with a Personal Story

Georgia Theatre Conference

Americus, Georgia

Autumn 2012

Workshop Topic:

Devised Theatre Performance:

What is it and How Do I Do it?

Florida Theatre Conference

Gainesville, Florida

Autumn 2012

Workshop Topics:

Exploring Text Utilizing Laban's 8 Basic Movements


Devising Theatre: An Introduction to Various Methodologies

International Drama in Education Research Institute Conference

Limerick, Ireland

Summer 2012

Paper Presentation:

Commonalities Between Drama in Education and Community engaged,

Participatory Theatre Practice

Florida Theatre Conference

Gainesville, Florida

Autumn 2011

Workshop Topic:

Scoring Your Script: An Introduction to

Arthur Lesac’s Vocal Training Concepts


The F Word: Reclaiming the word Feminist

Reclaiming the F Word
Lessac Scoring

Conference Presentations

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