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The Lorax
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Originally from Savannah, GA I fell in love with the art of theatre at the age of 11 when I was fortunate to be cast in the Savannah Theatre Company's production of Gypsy. From that experience, I innately knew what it would take me sixteen years to articulate in theory and practice: first, that theatre is a powerful tool for creating dialogue; and second, that what draws me to theatre is story - that the theatre is place for sharing stories and creating community. At the time, I just really thought I wanted to be an actor/singer! Upon graduating from SCAD in 2006, I worked as a professional actor/singer with various companies such as CLIMB Theatre Company, Dollywood Company, and the National Theatre for Children. After working in the field of Theatre for Young Audiences for several years as a performer, I decided to pursue a graduate degree in order to increase my knowledge and skill set. During my time studying at UCF and with NYU through their study abroad program in Dublin, I was exposed to applied and community-engaged theatre. These practices align so beautifully with my values and mission as an artist that since that time my primary focus has been on Community-Engaged Theatre, Applied Theatre, and Theatre for Social Justice. After graduating with my MFA, I held posts as Director of Education and Engagement with two theatre companies before deciding to pursue my Ph.D. at Trinity College Dublin. With over fifteen years of experience as an applied drama practitioner, I wanted to pursue a research course that would put the practice into direct relationship with democratic institutions and practices, instead of operating outside of them. I graduated in December 2022 and relocated back to Savannah, GA, where I accepted a position at the Savannah College of Art and Design to begin in January 2023.

I believe:

  • That love is the greatest thing in the world and that love alone can overcome hate

  • That empathy is essential to living in complete harmony in this world

  • That art cannot exist without community and community cannot exist without justice

  • That theatre is the ideal tool for activating social change and social justice

  •  In respect towards all living beings regardless of size, race, religion, species, culture, etc. – we are all breathing organisms living on this planet and we all deserve appreciation.

  • That we are all human and with that said, we all have light and dark inside of us. It is up to us to choose which part of our nature we will act upon

  • That following your dreams, no matter how silly they seem, leads to great discovery and a fulfilling life

  • Real priorities are given time, focus, and commitment; words without action are hollow

  • In the freedom of expression and that there are very few things in this world more beautiful than experiencing another person/group of people’s passion and hard work exhibited

  • That to know, to understand, and to appreciate the arts is to more fully know and understand ourselves, our pasts, or presents, and our futures

  •  In the power of the inquiring mind – that any and all questions, no matter how silly, should be vocalized

  • That honesty is essential to gaining the respect and trust of those around you

  • That making mistakes is essential to growth

  • In the power of community, hugs, a good cup  of tea, a healing cry, dancing whenever the mood strikes, singing as loud as I’d like, sending/receiving a handwritten letter, hula hooping, macaroni and cheese, and a positive outlook



PhD, Drama

Reimagining the Public Sphere: Addressing the Crises of Democracy through Applied Drama

Trinity College Dublin, 2022

MFA, Theatre

Emphasis in Theatre for Young Audiences

University of Central Florida, 2013


BFA, Media & Performing Arts

Savannah College of Art & Design

Magna Cum Laude, 2006


Graduate TEFL Certificate

University of Central Florida, 2013

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